What is Therapeutic Massage?


Massage enhances the efficiency of health and wellness in balancing and connection of body, mind and spirit. Massage manipulates the skin, tendons, muscles, ligaments, facial and tissue, producing a positive cellular change in all gland secretions and body systems. Massage is a scientific art and system of assessment and manual application of certain techniques to the superficial soft tissue of skin. The application techniques include touch, percussion, stroking, friction, vibration, kneading, stretching, compression, passive and active joint movements within the normal physiologic range of motion.

Massage includes adjudicative external application of water, heat and cold for the purposes of establish and maintaining good physical condition and health by normalizing and improving muscle tone, promotion relaxation and increasing circulation. Massage also produces therapeutic effects on the respiratory and nervous systems and the subtle interactions among all body systems.

Massage treatments have been utilized for over 6,000 years and its uses in health have long been documented. These therapeutic applications bring awareness to the body’s own healing and curative powers. These intended effects are accomplished through the physiologic energetic and mind/body/spirit connections in a safe environment that respects the client’s self determined outcome for the session.


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Donna has 25 years of experience in the holistic field of study and is nationally and state certified in massage.


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