Which therapy is best for you? Donna can help guide you to the most beneficial session based on your body conditions, lifestyle and health goals. She is also certified in many other forms of massage including hydrotherapy, craniosacral, jin shin do, reiki, prenatal massage and more. Donna’s education and training is always growing, learning new types of massage therapy to modify for any of your needs and goals. If there is a specific massage you are looking for, contact Donna to learn about other options besides the massages listed below.


Swedish Massage - 1 hour $60 light pressure

Deep-Therapy Massage - 1 hour $75 firm pressure and neuromuscular work

Hot Stone Massage - 2 hours $120 firm pressure with hot stones

Pre/Post Sports Massage - 1 hour $75 stretching joints

Reflexology - 1/2 hour $50 light firm pressure points

Lymphatic Massage - 1 hour $60 light pressure, improves lymph flow (ideal for cancer patients)

Raindrop Therapy - 1.5 hours $70 light and firm pressure

Himalayan Salt Soak - 1/2 hour relaxing foot soak


How to Prepare for a Massage to enhance your experience

Hydrate before and after an appointment

Try to avoid heavy meals and alcohol

Wear loose, comfortable clothing

Breathe normally

Don’t be afraid to communicate with your massage therapist


Accepting credit cards and Health Care Saving Accounts cards