Potential Benefits of Massage

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Relaxation Renewal

Alleviate/Eliminate Pain

Immunity Enhancement

Improve Circulation

Flexibility & Motion

Improve Sleep

Self Empowerment

Nourishes Skin

Improves Athletic Performance

Easier & Deeper Breathing

Emotional Benefits of Massage

Promotes Self Healing and Self Care

Improve Mood

Reduces Depression

Releases Trauma Experiences/PTSD

Improves Concentration

Self Awareness & Peace of Mind

Renews the Body & Mind Connection

Aids a Positive Attitude/Self Image

Massage Can Alleviate

Stress & Anxiety

Arthritis & Rheumatoid

Tension Headaches

Poor Posture

Muscle Cramps & Strains


Learning Disorders

Allergies & Asthma

Overall Stiffness & Tension

Chronic & Temporary Pain


Carpal Tunnel & TMJ

Low Back Pain/Sciatica

Anxiety & Nervousness



Lupus & Fibromyalgia

Myofascial Pain Syndrome

Low Energy

Sports Injuries & Soft Tissue Strains

Digestive Disorders

Tissue Memory from Accidents & Trauma